Let's change the protocol and start talking about you, a possible client, surely a new friend that undoubtedly will share the passion for those classic cars that make great memories in our lives.

If you are a collector, a classic car lover, or simply want to find an unique or exclusive item, you will find it here!


My passion for the BMW Isetta has taken the hobby to a standard of excellence in restoration work. Out of the admiration of others was born the possibility of sharing and offering a very specific business proposal. We should specially bring out the
perfection of our work as well as our appreciation of the rich heritage of classic cars that have left their mark on the history of the automobile evolution.


All vehicles, parts, garage accessories, retro or vintage antiques we offer are, undoubtedly, museum pieces.

We attempt to exclusivity without sacrificing functionality, maintaining the standard of originality even at the smallest details.



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"Unique pieces, accessories, ornaments, garage decoration, pub, barbecues or different collectable objects. We will find it for you.
Tell us your preferences".